Edval Cloud - Post Incident Response

Edval Cloud - Post Incident Response

Hi All, 

As you are aware, an outage occurred to our cloud products (Edval Daily, Choice & Interviews) on October 7-8th 2022. We are providing you the following incident report so that you are aware of what had occurred to cause this outage, and the steps we have taken to prevent a reoccurance.


The information detailed within this report provides a clear assessment of the recent outage at https://my.edval.education. A thorough investigation has been performed by the teams involved & their findings are clearly detailed in the content of this report. To access a copy of the incident report, click the button below.

We sincerely apologise for any disruption and inconvenience that this outage caused, and we are confident that the steps outlined in this report will prevent a reoccurance of this issue going forward.


Kind regards,


The Tes Timetable Team