Community Portal: Feature Requests and Community Discussions

Community Portal: Feature Requests and Community Discussions


On our Edval support portal, there is a community section where Edval users and Edval staff can share their ideas and thoughts on the products. This allows for users to come together to help the products grow and reach new heights, to make them easier and more enjoyable for all to use. This document will explain how a user can make the most of the community portal and use it to its fullest capabilities.

Home Page

Log in to and navigate to the 'Community' section.
The Community page displays the different product categories. This will help you to navigate to your preferred product to view topics you wish to read about, request a new feature or raise a discussion among the community.
Topics may be searched by entering key words into the 'Search community' field box.

The right hand side of the page has an Announcements section and a Sticky Posts section.

  1. Announcements - These are topics that have been flagged by Edval so that you know of any hot topics or need to know topics.
  2. Sticky Posts - These are topics that are commonly accessed by other users therefore pinned by Edval.

Product Categories

Select a product from the community home page to access all posts and announcements on the product.
You can filter the posts by type Discussions, Announcements or Ideas.
individual posts will have options to give an idea a 'thumbs up', monitor the status (see whether it is implemented, under review, etc), or you can also comment on it.

On the right hand side you will see some quick functions:
  1. Follow - If you wish to be notified when topics are posted on the selected product, you can click on the Follow button. You will be notified by email of any interactions with the product.
  1. Forums - There are two types of forums for each product:
    Feature Requests: used to submit and monitor feature requests.
    Community Discussions: used among schools to discuss topics.
  1. Announcement - Each product will display relevant announcements and other news on the product.
  1. Most Discussed Topics - This section shows you what topics are being spoken about the most.

How to post a Feature Request

Schools can raise feature requests in any of our products, which are regularly reviewed by our product managers.

First search the community to see if the feature you are raising has already been posted by another member.  if so, you can add your vote to the post and comment further to it.
If you don't see the feature posted, click on the 'Add Topic' button.

N.B. When adding a topic idea, please be as clear as possible on what you would like to see. Images may also be inserted and files can be attached.
Once the idea is approved it will be able to be seen by all, so please do not use identifying images or text.

  1. Topic Type - You can select from either a 'Discussion' or an 'Idea'. A discussion will be something for you, Edval and even other schools to talk about. An idea is a function that you may have in mind that you think should be implemented.
  2. Title - This is the header of your ticket.
  3. Description - In this area, please explain as much as possible about your discussion or idea so that there is enough information for the product managers to explore.
  4. Category - Select which product the discussion or idea is relevant to.
  5. Sub Category - This is for classification purposes to verify whether you are submitting a 'Feature request' or a 'Community discussion'.
  6. Tags - Adding tags (key words) will help with searching and narrowing down the post for others to find. Make sure to press enter after each word used.
  7. Notify Me - Tick this box if you wish to be notified when action has been taken on your submission.
  8. Attach a file - Adding images and other files to your feature request or discussion will assist others in understanding your idea. Please ensure images do not contain personal information.
Topic Type - Please make sure you select the type ' Idea' as well the sub category 'Feature Request', otherwise it will not be processed as a feature request by product managers.
N.B. The more information that is provided in the post, the easier it is for us to assist you.

How to post a Community Discussion

Community members can post their ideas, hints and tips, or open a discussion among the community.
You can do this by clicking the 'Add Topic' button, making sure you choose the topic type as 'discussion'.
In the Category section, select the relevant Edval product. In the Sub Category section, select the Community Discussions option.

Tags - Adding tags (key words) will help with searching and narrowing down the post for people to find. Make sure to press enter after each word used.

Support tickets: If you would like to submit a support query, click on the 'Add Ticket" button.
For more information on how to submit a support ticket please click here.

If you are a client and you would like an integration with your admin system, then please request for your admin system to submit a request to

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