Downloading/Updating Edval Applications

Downloading/Updating Edval Applications

ew features are regularly introduced into the Edval software, and any software bugs fixed. This means users will need to regularly update the software. Updates can be done 1) via the software or 2) via download.

1. Update via software

Edval and Edval Daily (Desktop)
Edval 9 and Edval Daily can be set to update periodically, or a manual update can be performed.

Automatic update : In Edval 9 or Edval Daily (Desktop), go to  File > Options > Update.  Select a period.

In Edval 10, as of v10.6.0, Edval 10 will automatically update to the version based on what is selected in Settings > Updates.
  1. Anytime (recommended) - Edval will update to the latest version when it detects a new version is available.  We recommend this as it ensures the latest version with fixes and new features is available.
  2. Only if they are critical - Edval will only update to versions that is resolving major issues, such as a crash when opening the file.

Manual update : In Edval 9 or Edval Daily (Desktop), go to  Help > Find Updates

After clicking on Find updates, you will get a window that will tell you there is a new version available, or, if you already have the latest version, you will see 'Update anyway'. Clicking on Update/Update anyway will start the update. The application will restart itself once done. 

Edval Staff and Edval Kiosk
Edval Staff and Edval Kiosk do not have the option to update themselves, and must be done manually.
Edval Daily (online) users
For Edval 9, go to Edval > File > Secret Stuff > Edval Staff/Edval Kiosk > Update Edval Staff/Edval Kiosk

For Edval 10, go to  Edval > File > Synchronise > Update EdvalStaff/EdvalKiosk

Edval Daily (desktop) users :
Open Edval Daily, go to Edval Daily > File > Update EdvalStaff .

A window will appear with some check-boxes. Please make sure that the 'Daily Pack' option is ticked before clicking on the update button. When the update button is clicked, EdvalStaff and EdvalKiosk will be updated then EdvalDaily will restart.

Edval 9
Edval 10

2. Downloading via Edval's updates website
Sometimes there may be some issues that stop you from being able to update your Edval applications via the applications themselves. In this instance, you can download the latest version from the software icons below and replace them with the outdated applications.

Edval 10
Edval Daily
Edval Staff
Edval Kiosk

You will need to log in with an Edval username and password (contact Edval Support for these).

After logging in, the application will start to download. Once completed, move the application to where the old one is located and overwrite it.

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