Edval for the Apple Macintosh / iOS Operating Systems (iPad/iPhone)

Core Edval technologies have been written for the Windows OS, and have not been directly ported to the Apple Macintosh system. This does not however stop Mac users from any browser based Edval module such as Edval Daily (Cloud version) Edval Choice or Edval Interviews.

Edval no longer tests the compatability of its desktop applications on any virtual environment. This means that whilst Edval 9 may have worked in the past in the virtual environments, Edval  DOES NOT perform testing of Edval 10 in any virtual environment and does not develop the application with any virtual environments as part of the development specifications. The Edval Timetable application "Edval 10" is designed to run in a native Windows PC operating system environment. Edval offers no support to users who choose to attempt to run Edval 10 in a virtual environment.

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