Edval server addresses

Edval server addresses

Schools that are using a firewall would need to whitelist our domain address in order for Edval to communicate with other systems. Following is the list of servers and their functionality that needs to be whitelisted. 

Server Address 
Purpose of Server 
Our cloud products  domain address 
Used to download the release notes
For updates
Was used to upload user feedback. I believe this was recently removed
To upload crash information
To verify emails, currently only used for Covid activation
For help docs
Licence lookup

In scenarios where emails from Edval are seen as a spam at the teacher's or student's end (e.g. emails regarding Webcodes), schools need to make sure that the Edval domains @edval.education and @tes.com are whitelisted. If this alone does not work then  amazonses.com should be whitelisted as well.

In the case of schools being unable to load the Edval 10 F1 help screens, please whitelist the Edval 10 F1 server. The URL  used for help docs is https://edval10apis.edval.education and we use the default port for HTTPS which is 443.

In order to allow Edval servers to initiate communication please whitelist the following IP addresses.

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