Edval Staff: Passwords and WebCodes

Edval Staff: Passwords and WebCodes

WebCodes for schools using Edval Daily (online)

Staff making changes to students in Edval Staff will be asked for a WebCode. Staff WebCodes can be found in the my.edval.education website Admin > Users. Please refer to the timetabler or the Daily Organiser for more information about WebCodes. More information about WebCodes can be found in other Knowledge Base documentation. 

Once WebCodes have been entered and students changes are made, this information will be sent directly to the online Edval Daily system. There is no need to save or any sync to be performed.
This data may then be further sync’d to other external SIS eg Sentral, Compass by the Daily Organiser.


The timetabler may choose to set passwords within the Edval software to allow certain staff only to make changes to student data.

Passwords are set per year level, so it is possible to set either the same or different passwords per year level.

  • In Edval, navigate to Students > Student data >  Select a Year level > More > Password (Multi-user changes)

  • Enter a password of your choosing, select OK.

  • Save
  • Register to Edval Staff (File > Secret Stuff > Edval Staff > Register Edval Staff)

Clearing Passwords

Navigate to Students > Student data >  Select the Year level > More > Password (Multi-user changes) > Clear password
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