FAQ Edval Daily

FAQ Edval Daily

Edval Daily - Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What internet browser does Edval Daily prefer?

Edval recommends that Edval Daily is best accessed via the Chrome browser.

I am a customer who is interested in the Edval Daily web version. I am currently using the desktop version which I understand will no longer be supported in the near future. Can you please advise me who I should contact?

To express your interest in migrating to the web version of Edval Daily please submit your request with a subject of 'Migration to Edval Daily Online' via get help within the product.    

I am a customer who is interested in acquiring the Edval Daily web version. My school is currently not using Edval Daily at all.
To express your interest in purchasing Edval Daily please email edval-sales@tes.com

What details do you need from me to start discussing the implementation of Edval Daily?

  1. Name of Daily Organiser

  2. Daily Organiser’s teacher code (as is stated in your .etz file)

  3. Daily Organiser's Email address

SMS Casual Requests

I would like to start using the SMS Casual Requests feature. What should I do?
Please email edval-sales@tes.com and one of our sales team members will contact you to make the necessary arrangements. Alternatively you can use the 'Contact Us' link on the Information page under the Casual Requests tab on the Daily home page.

Does the SMS Casual Requests Feature involve additional costs?
Yes there is a small additional cost for the licence. For the SMS credits, you will be billed at the end of each month for the total number of SMS messages sent. Please email edval-sales@tes.com for further information.

I have a query regarding the credit for the SMS Casual Request messages that have been sent. Who should I contact?
Please email edval-accounts@tes.com with your query.

Users, Roles and Permissions

How do I add casual teachers in Edval Daily? 
How do I add admin staff in Edval Daily? 
How do I add or edit an email address for admin and casual staff in Edval Daily?

You can add admin and casual staff in Edval Daily and include their email address by going to Admin > Users.

Select 'Create User' and enter the  required details .
For more information on adding or editing casual and admin staff see this article: Creating Casual and Admin Staff

How can we bulk edit the teacher email address in Edval Daily?

Email addresses for permanent teachers must be edited in the etz file and synchronised to Edval Daily. Email addresses can be updated in the etz file via an import (File > Import Data > Teacher data). Email addresses for casual teachers must be edited in Edval Daily.

Is there a role I can define that accesses only the exam set-up in Edval Daily for the Year Level Leader? Daily Organisation is too high a permission level.
There is no pre-defined Role for Exam Management but you can create your own new role with the specific permissions that you need the staff member to have. These will need to include the 'Manage Exams' permission.
To add  a new role or to edit an existing role, Go to Admin > Roles.

In the right hand Actions panel click on "Create role" to define the role as per your requirements.

Give the new role a Name and a Code and select the required permissions.
An example is shown here:

For more information on roles and permissions see this article in our Knowledge Base: 

How do I add or edit an email address for permanent staff in Edval Daily?
You cannot edit the email address for Permanent staff in Edval Daily. You will need to edit their email addresses in the etz file and then sync to Edval Daily.

Why am I unable to delete a casual teacher in Edval Daily?

You cannot delete a casual teacher with historical data however you can make them inactive. Once the data in Edval Daily is rolled over to a new academic year, historical data will no longer exist and casual teachers will be able to be deleted.

How do I update a permanent teacher to make them unavailable to take covers in Edval Daily?

There are two ways to do this.

  1. In the etz file, mark this teacher as Unavailable in Teacher >Teacher data for all required periods and days in the Unavailable column and then sync to Edval Daily.
  2. In Edval Daily go to Admin > Users and select the required teacher to edit. Untick the ‘Eligible to cover classes’ checkbox and save. This will remove the teacher from all lists except the unavailable list in the Alternatives panel, when looking for replacement teachers.

How do I update a teacher to make them inactive?

Note that only Casual teachers and Admin & Support Staff can be made inactive in Edval Daily. Permanent Staff are unable to be made inactive, however, they will become inactive if removed from the etz file prior to a sync. In Edval Daily > Admin > Users, find the user who is to be made inactive and select the edit button at the end of the row. Select the Inactive radio button then the Save button.

A teacher who was in the etz file temporarily for term one is now inactive in Edval Daily after we synced the new timetable. How do I convert that user to be a casual teacher with the same code?

 When you add a casual teacher with the same code as an inactive teacher you will be given an option to merge the two records.
See this knowledge base article for more information. Edval Daily: Admin - Users

From term 2 another teacher will be doing the daily organisation.

I was wondering how they can have access to Edval Daily so they can do the day to day organisation.

To give a teacher the Daily Organiser role in Edval Daily follow these steps:
  1. Go to Admin > Users and select the edit icon for the required teacher

  2. In the update users window select "Daily Organiser" from the ‘Roles’ dropdown.

In our file we have staff on LSL, long term sick leave etc who are returning throughout the year.

I have left them in the .etz file but that means they come up as available for relief as they don’t have teaching periods and appear free all the time.

How can we tell Edval Daily that even though they are in the file they are not really available to be given an internal relief?

In your etz file make sure you set these teachers to a 0 load, which you can adjust when they return. You can either mark these teachers as 'unavailable' in the etz, or in Edval Daily go to Admin>Users, select required teacher and click on the edit button, untick the ‘Eligible to cover classes’ checkbox and save. When viewing the list of users you will see ‘No covers’ in the Years column when “Show Daily Data” is selected. This is often used for Principals  so they do not come up as cover options at all.


How do I set up a sync to our Admin System? 
You can do this via Daily  > Synchronise > Add sync system. See the following Knowledge Base document for more information: 
Edval Daily: Synchronisation with Other Systems  
You will need to contact your Admin System provider to get the necessary credentials for syncing.

I have entered the server address for syncing to Sentral but it is not working. What am I missing?
The server address must be secure and therefore must start with https:// (not http://). The address must also end with /rpc/liss.


What is the default  date range when publishing covers? Can I change this?
When you publish, the default 'To' date is always the same as the 'From' date.  Previously the default date range was two weeks but as most schools were finding this too long and had to change it every day, it was decided to change it to the current setting.  You cannot change the default but you can change the date range to be anything you want when you publish - one day, one week or any other length of time. Keep in mind that once covers are published, they are available for all users to view on their timetables so you need to be cautious when publishing that the date range is not too far in advance that it causes issues.

When I seem to to publish covers it seems to generate a daily bulletin. Why is this happening?

Pressing the Publish button on its own should not generate a bulletin (in the form of a downloaded version)

When Publishing covers, be sure the NONE option is selected in the 'Publish covers' window.

Can we edit the event type list?

No you can not edit the event type list as these are set types and have very important business rules applied in the back end. There is currently no facility for adding your own event types either but the ones that exist should cover all of your needs.

For more information on Event types see this document: Edval Daily Event Types

Can we create groups in Edval Daily  for when we create an event? Is it possible to add a group of people in the event directly?

No you can not create groups of teachers. They must be added individually or by faculty.

I would like to set up an event to include students across the school year groups. Can you please advise if there is a way to select individual students?

You can select individual students across year levels. In the Event set up screen, tick the box for Registered Event. You are then able to filter and select individuals. For more information on selecting students for events see this document: Edval Daily Selecting Students for Events

When cancelling/merging classes, we are unable to delete/remove a class that has been added. For example, tomorrow (18/4/18) we merged 1 too many classes (7MAT), but now we cannot remove them from the Covers list, which will confuse teachers.

You can easily un-merge classes by selecting "Undecided" from the list of options in the Covers tab. Screenshot below.


I would like to enter events for next year. How can I do this?

Please note the current year's data set and the following year's datasets are separate. You can only begin entering events when  next year's timetable is complete and has been synchronised to Edval Daily. You will need to be issued with a new login webcode to access the following year's data set.
To request a WebCode for next year please email edval-license@tes.com

I have created an Event for grades 5/6 - all students and both teachers.

Why does it require cover for 1 teacher and not the other?

And why does it require a cover at all, when all the students will be with the teacher at the event?

 When selecting students for an event there are 2 main ways this can be done;

1. Selecting students by YEAR LEVEL

2. Selecting students by CLASS

As one of these 5/6 Classes contains Yr 4 students, adding students in Yr 5 and Yr 6 has meant that there are Yr 4 students who have not been added to this event and therefore Edval Daily recognises that this class still needs supervision.
To include all students in the 5/6 Classes and eliminate the need for a cover, add students by CLASS to this event (i.e 5/6GEN.1 and 5/6GEN.2).
For more information on selecting students for events see this document: Edval Daily Selecting Students for Events

When entering an event for all year 11 students and cancelling year 11 classes for the day, Edval Daily is also cancelling some year 10 classes. Year 10 students access year 11 classes and it seems Edval Daily is cancelling all classes with those year 10's in them as well as the year 11 classes. Is there a way to cancel only year 11 classes?

You need to be careful when selecting students to attend the event.

You can select

- the Year 11 students only. This will add all Year 11 students to the event and cancel all classes with only Year 11 students in them. Classes that have students from Year 10 in them will not be cancelled.


- the Year 11 classes. This will add all the students from all the selected classes to the event and cancel all those classes. Therefore, if any of the classes contain students from Year 10, those students will be included on the event and all the Year 11 classes will be cancelled, regardless of what Year Level the students in those classes are in.

As you have indicated that the event is for Year 11 students only, you need to go with option 1 above. To do this, i.e. select the year group of students only:

- Edit the event

- Expand the tree in the students panel

- Untick the top level '11' box

- Tick '11 (whole year group)'

You will note that the student count is different - this should be the correct number - students in Year 11 only.

Any Yr 11 classes which have yr 10 students in them will now run, no Year 10 classes will be cancelled and no Year 10 students will be included on the event.

How do I set Events for fortnightly. - eg Hearing Support for students at a different time or day on an A week to a B week.

When I set up the schedule it offers daily, weekly or monthly. Or repeat every two weeks, but when I set every two weeks it still publishes it weekly. We run a fortnightly timetable.

Create an event and set up Repeats :Weekly and repeat on every 2 weeks and select only a single day.

As of the current behaviour :

If you select more than 1 day, it alternates between the days for each week i.e if you select fortnightly for Mon and Fri , then for the 1st week  the event will occur on Monday and for the second week the event will occur on Friday..

In order to avoid this create 2 recurring events, one for each day.

How can I create a ‘class’ in Edval Daily for all students not attending an excursion?

This would be created as a supervision event. In Edval Daily go to Events > Create event.

Fill in the details as shown below, noting the Event Type = SUPERVISION, with one (or more) additional teacher and one (or more) additional room. This will create a ‘class’ for each period of the day to which a room and a teacher can be assigned. When it becomes known which students require supervision, they can be added by editing the event.


I noticed the ‘Pin’ option on the Covers page. What is it for and what are the benefits of using it?

This is used to pin a teacher to a cover, and if you subsequently hit  'Clear covers', it will not remove the pinned cover.

The classes for the current rotation are showing incorrectly in Edval Daily.

In the .etz file, check under File > Options > File > Current rotation to ensure that the correct rotation is displayed. Next, check in Edval Daily under Daily > Settings > Date Mapping that the rotation changeover date has been set.

How do I cover a Roll Call class with an internal teacher and not have it count towards that teacher’s extras tally?

When selecting a replacement from the alternatives panel use the 'No credit' checkbox to remove the credit from the cover.  This will then not count towards a teacher's extras tally and will show as 'No credit' on the Daily Bulletin.

Alternatively, if classes in the Roll Call period should always have a credit of 0, you can set  a default credit of 0 via Daily > Settings > Cover credit. For more information on this functionality, see this document: Cover credit 

I would like to merge two classes but the class I wish to merge with will not appear as an option? Is there a reason why this class is not visible?

Check the room sizes in your .etz file. Possibly there is not enough physical 'room' to accommodate the remaining students you wish to merge.


On my login I have no options available to me on my timetable, i.e. Additional room, Change room, Lesson plan. Why is that?
The reason the options for Additional room, Change room, Lesson plan are not available on your timetable is because “Usual Timetable” is ticked. Untick this and the options will appear.


How can I distribute the Daily Bulletin to staff to advise on covers and daily news?

The Daily Bulletin from Edval Daily can be formatted as a pdf, xlsx, or docx and can emailed to staff directly from Edval Daily.  See this document for more information: Edval Daily: Daily Bulletin and Day Sheet Generation

Are the notes on the covers page the same as the notes on the Daily Bulletin?
No these are separate notes. The notes accessed via the sticky note icon on the covers page  are for use by the Daily Organiser and are not published anywhere. The notes added to the Daily Bulletin via the 'Generate' function will appear on the Daily Bulletin.

Is there an option to publish the daily bulletin on a website? 
Currently there is no option to publish it in HTML. You might like to add this as a feature request via the community portal:

How can I view and print class lists?
Class lists can be viewed and printed either by going to Daily > Reports > Class Lists or by going to a timetable and clicking on the class code for the required class.


Our Tuesday times are different to other days. How do I change the times for Exams on Tuesday?
For Tuesday, the third session should be 1pm to 2.30pm.
Also some exams are only an hour long – how would I vary that?

To edit the exam lengths, you can edit the 'Duration' column for those exams when in the wizard under Exam tab. Simply click and edit it.
In terms of the Tuesday exams you can do it in the Events tab for these when you are happy that it is going to be scheduled on that day after exiting the wizard. All exams will be created as events on the day, where you can edit it as any normal event.

Is there some way of exporting an exam schedule to email or show other staff members

Yes there is. If you go to Daily > Exams, under the 'View timetable' header and click on 'Exam', you will be taken to an overview of the Exam schedule and this can be either printed or exported as CSV.

For more information on the Exams Module please see this document: Edval Daily Exams

Features and Feature Requests

How do I know when changes, updates and improvements have been made to Edval Daily?

Check the Release Notes page regularly for updates. The Community portal will also have regular 'What's New in Edval Daily' announcements.

How do I make a suggestion or ideas for a new feature for Edval Daily?
There are two methods for requesting a new feature.
1) Use the Edval Daily Feature Request button in the bottom right hand corner of the Daily screen.

Please note, all feature requests will need to be approved by the Edval Daily Product Owner before being added to the list for future development.

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