Generic requirements for data migration

Generic requirements for data migration

Generic requirements for data migration

Edval facilitates the set-up process for all new clients, and data migration is included in this setup process.

While we have dedicated systems to migrate data from some of the more popular systems on the market, we do not have instructions for all systems. Attached are the file templates we need in order to migrate your existing timetable. Click the Attachments tab below. Try to send us data in this format if at all possible, or as close to as you can. Giving us what you can is more important - so use these as a guide and don't worry if you can't quite match it. We can talk you through.

These requirements are more generic and not specific to any particular vendor.

Please note that any other lists would be welcomed. For example:
  • Staff allowances (HOD Maths, DP, Sport etc)
  • Teacher home room preferences
  • Playground duty roster
  • Bell times and period structure

Thank you
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