MAZE (CASES21) Timetable data export (Migration Only)

MAZE (CASES21) Timetable data export (Migration Only)

Import Timetable data from Ultranet / CASES21 (MAZE)

The following section describes how to export data out of Ultranet / Cases21 / MAZE, for users who wish to upgrade to Edval for timetabling. You may need permission to access these functions in Maze. Please collect this data and email the files to us at

Timetable Quilt table: THTQ

This table contains the following columns:

Tid, Qkey, Gkey, Subj, Class, Occur, Freq, Row_Label, Ident, Class_Size, T1teach, T2teach, R1room, R2room, Resources01, Resources02, Resources03, Resources04, Resources05, Resources06, Resources07, Resources08, Resources09, Extra_Teach, Extra_Room, Qrow, Qcol, Grow, Gcol, Link, Tied, Composite, Lw_Date, Lw_Time, Lw_User

Note the table column headings above can be copied and pasted to Excel using Data > Text to columns to apply these headings automatically to all columns, if the headings were not supplied by the school in the spreadsheet.

Staff table: SF

This table contains the following columns:

Sfkey, Surname, Title, First_Name, Second_Name, Pref_Name, Previous_Name, Gender, Birthdate, Homekey, Mailkey, Mobile, Work_Phone, E_Mail, Start, Finish, Faculty01, Faculty02, Faculty03, Faculty04, Subject01, Subject02, Subject03, Subject04, Subject05, Subject06, Subject07, Subject08, Subject09, Subject10, Fte, Availability01, Availability02, Availability03, Availability04, Availability05, Rank, Campus, House, Room, Other_Location, Car_Rego, Staff_Type, Pos_Code_A, Pos_Code_B, Status, Staff_Status, Majora, Majorb, Majorc, Skill_Qualification, Payroll_Rec_No, Payroll_Class, Religion, Report_Name, Police_Clearance, Clearance_Date, Staff_Pic, Available, Max_Extras, Acc_Extras, Week_Extras, Last_Extras, Birth_Country, Lang01, Lang02, Interpreter01, Interpreter02, Emerg_Name01, Emerg_Name02, Emerg_Lang01, Emerg_Lang02, Emerg_Relation01, Emerg_Relation02, Emerg_Contact01, Emerg_Contact02, Group_Availability, Normal_Allotment, Lw_Date, Lw_Time, Lw_User

Note the table column headings above can be copied and pasted to Excel using Data > Text to columns to apply these headings automatically to all columns, if the headings were not supplied by the school in the spreadsheet.


Room table: SM

This table contains the following columns:

Room, Title, Seating, Description, Room_Type, Faculty, Area_Code, Campus, Staff_Code, CommentA, Board, Blackout, Normal_Allotment, Group_Indicator, Lw_Date, Lw_Time, Lw_User


Student Subject Selections: (STMA Table)

The st-stma table contains all the student data in the following format.

stkey, surname, first_name, second_name, third_name, third_name_init, pref_name, st_mobile, st_email, mrelationship, frelationship, contact_a, contact_b, locker_num, next_locker, registration, gender, birthdate, birth_country, birthplace, newstudent, brand_new, entry, exit_date, arrival, dateleft, mceetya_date, expiry_date, current_school, campus, previous, last_yr_school, boarder, fam_order, notes, admin_notes, family, living_a, parent_relationa, famb, living_b, parent_relationb, nrmrelationship, nrfrelationship, feeadjust, deposit, bill_group, subjlevy, discount_due, discount, discountb, run_tuition, fees_advance, boarding_fees_advance, cad, admin_fee, enrol_fee, allow_transfer, status_date, scholasid, status, tag, transfer_tag, total_part_time, part_time, ext_part_time, class_of, roll_group, form, school_year, next_year, house, tutor_group, jun_house, religion, baptism_date, baptism_place, reconciliation_date, reconciliation_place, communion_date, communion_place, confirmation_date, confirmation_place, exam, pcg, visa, ameb, internal_exam, reference_comment, transfer_os, transfer_ma_ya, transfer_aw_ap, promote, repeat, nation, lang, res_status, resident, overseas, aboriginal, day_session, access, access_type, access_alert, contact_name, contact_relationship, contact_number, contact_work, contact_mobile, contactb_name, contactb_relationship, contactb_number, contactb_work, contactb_mobile, medicare, medicare_expiry, medicare_pos, health_fund, health_number, doctor, doctor_phone, dentist, dentist_phone, orthodontist, orthodontist_phone, allergies, anaphylaxis, epilepsy, headaches, asthma, asthma_date, asthma_type, asthma_hospitalised, asthma_hospit_date, tetanus, diabetes, psycho, night_blind, appendix_removed, other_illness, vegetarian, medical_notes, medication_notes, medication, medical_info, confidential, confidential_notes, swimming_ability, fainting, antihistamine, paracetamol, diarrhoea_med, period_pain_med, special_diet, special_diet_req, emergency, disability, medical, med_conda, med_condb, medical_alert, measles, mumps, rubella, petussis, diptheria, polio, hepatitisb, hib, bcg, measles_s, measles_c, mumps_s, mumps_c, rubella_s, rubella_c, tetanus_s, tetanus_c, petussis_s, petussis_c, diptheria_s, diptheria_c, polio_s, polio_c, hepatitisb_s, hepatitisb_c, hib_s, hib_c, bcg_s, bcg_c, other_s, other_c, famgroup, absence_tot01, absence_tot02, absence_tot03, absence_tot04, absence_tot05, absence_tot06, absence_tot07, absence_tot08, absence_tot09, absence_tot10, absence_tot11, absence_tot12, unexplained01, unexplained02, unexplained03, unexplained04, unexplained05, unexplained06, unexplained07, unexplained08, unexplained09, unexplained10, unexplained11, unexplained12, annual_tot, activitya, activityb, activityc, activityd, laref, escref, clear1_flag, clear2_flag, clear3_flag, clear4_flag, clear5_flag, clear6_flag, entry_grade, exit_grade, destination, lw_date, lw_time, lw_user, tid, skey, mkey, ckey, class_teacher, class, ident, lock, trperiod, ttperiod, cyear, created, dropout, mark01, mark02, mark03, mark04, mark05, mark06, mark07

Note the table column headings above can be copied and pasted to Excel using Data > Text to columns to apply these headings automatically to all columns, if the headings were not supplied by the school in the spreadsheet.

Subject Class Lists (SCL table)

Note: Filter on the current TTPERIOD otherwise you will get previous year’s class lists.

Subject long names

sukey, fullname, reportname, shortname, levy, glcode, gst_type, faculty, promote, elective, tes, seacode, units_hsc, list_number, vasscode01, vasscode02, bosss_no, bosss_type, subject_area, priority, src_course, subject_type, semester, subject_academic_year, source_subject, roll_group_subject, overview, strand_heading01, strand_heading02, strand_heading03, strand_heading04, strand_heading05, strand_heading06, strand_heading07, strand_heading08, strand_heading09, strand_heading10, strand_heading11, strand_heading12, strand_heading13, strand_heading14, strand_heading15, strand_headingb01, strand_headingb02, strand_headingb03, strand_headingb04, strand_headingb05, strand_headingb06, strand_headingb07, strand_headingb08, strand_headingb09, strand_headingb10, strand_headingb11, strand_headingb12, strand_headingb13, strand_headingb14, strand_headingb15, strand01, strand02, strand03, strand04, strand05, strand06, strand07, strand08, strand09, strand10, strand11, strand12, strand13, strand14, strand15, strandb01, strandb02, strandb03, strandb04, strandb05, strandb06, strandb07, strandb08, strandb09, strandb10, strandb11, strandb12, strandb13, strandb14, strandb15, outcome_level01, outcome_level02, outcome_level03, outcome_level04, outcome_level05, outcome_level06, outcome_level07, outcome_level08, lo_expected, uo_expected, p_indicator01, p_indicator02, p_indicator03, p_indicator04, p_indicator05, p_indicator06, p_indicator07, p_indicator08, p_indicator09, p_indicator10, pi_criteria01, pi_criteria02, pi_criteria03, pi_criteria04, pi_criteria05, pi_criteria06, kla, reportable, lw_date, lw_time, lw_user

Note the table column headings above can be copied and pasted to Excel using Data > Text to columns to apply these headings automatically to all columns, if the headings were not supplied by the school in the spreadsheet.


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