Preparing for a conference call (or web demo) to learn more about Edval

Preparing for a conference call (or web demo) to learn more about Edval

Want a conference call to learn and discuss what Edval has to offer? Or even a web demo? Here's what you need to know.

Who to attend
Ideally the executive team would attend the initial conference call, including the timetabler. Many areas cover high level school areas - so it is certainly more than just a timetablers 'software tool' which would be discussed.

How long
Please allocate at least one hour for a conference call discussion, or possibly longer if also wanting a web demo. Sometimes a remote demo may go up to two hours if you want to continue.

How to contact
Please advise the best land line dial-in number including extension for the location where your team will be seated. Ideally also provide the mobile number of the meeting convener. If a web demo, please advise the best email address to send the meeting advice email - which should be one that can open a link on the screen to be shared. Expect a meeting advice email from Zoho.

Before the conference call / web demo
For best results, please prepare a list of issues you may like to cover. It is very helpful for this short agenda list to be emailed to us before the conference call, as it helps guide things to cover what you want. Specifically we want to know the main areas where you are unhappy with your current system or processes, and what areas you want to improve on. Some will ask for points from all participants, then send them as a collated list of issues to be discussed. This is optional, but an agenda list is quite efficient.

Audio required
Please also ensure there is a speaker phone accessible for us to dial into, so that all participants can hear clearly - and ideally speak if desired. A quiet school location is preferable. It is also possible to have participants dial into the meeting separately (even on mobiles) if this helps them hear better - a dial in number can be provided.

Screen required (optional)
If a web demo as well as a conference call, please have a larger screen suitable for viewing by the team in the call - a data projector or a Smart Board is ideal, though if only a few participants, then a normal computer screen may suffice. Any modern web browser is sufficient to show the screen. This can be done easily if you have Skype accessible, but more commonly we send a meeting email request, with a link to open the session. It requires a Java applet, but most browsers in schools allow this without any configuration. Please try to establish the connection 5-10 mins prior to the official start time, so it is ready for when the other participants arrive. The session can lie dormant while a conference call is in progress - but good to commence first if possible.

Please consider the best focus to be on a conference call, at least initially. There is a lot of high level discussion which is very useful - and sometimes seeing the software screens can be a distraction to more fruitful discussions of how the software actually works, or what processes are involved. 

Quite a number of schools join Edval after having solely a conference call, as this quickly gives confidence that we know timetabling, understand your issues, and have a range of solutions to suggest. If you want to see the system in action, this is ideally done after some high level discussion.
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