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    • FAQ Edval Daily

      Edval Daily - Frequently Asked Questions Getting Started What internet browser does Edval Daily prefer? Edval recommends that Edval Daily is best accessed via the Chrome browser. I am a customer who is interested in the Edval Daily web version. I am ...
    • Edval Daily: Roll over into a new year

      This document is intended to provide a guide for setting up Daily and your School Information System (SIS) for a new year. There are five main steps: Edval - sync your new timetable with Daily Daily – roll over settings from the previous year into ...
    • Configuring the Edval Cloud for Single Sign On

      Configuring the Edval Cloud for Single Sign On School users may wish to sign in to the Edval Cloud using existing school login credentials. Edval can be configured for this using SAML Single Sign On. See the attached document for the How to guide.
    • Edval Daily: Absence Reasons

      Navigate to Daily > Settings > Absence reasons. This tab allows you to create new absence reasons, modify or delete existing reasons or merge official codes by the region selected in the timetable file. Once added or imported, reasons will roll over ...
    • Edval Daily: Date Mapping

      Edval Daily must have the timetable cycle days mapped correctly for the program to operate, so it will know which ‘day’ to show for any date, e.g. is it MonA or MonB? Term time, holidays, weekends, the timetable cycle day and what day it corresponds ...