SSO introduction and FAQs

Single Sign On ( SSO ) Introduction and FAQs

Single Sign On (SSO)


SSO is the helpful and easy to use function that allows users to sign into the Edval Cloud using existing login credentials, such as your school login, email, etc. This system allows for a secure connection using one set of login credentials and you will need only to login the one time. With one click of a button, you will be able to sign in and not have to worry about remembering that annoying webcode any longer.


   After clicking on the SSO button, you will be redirected to your IdP login page.

   You will also be able to access Edval through your IdP dashboard, for example for DoE schools it will look something like below:



  1. How does it work? The first time you login, the system will redirect you to your login page of your identity provider. Once you have logged in, every time you come back to login, you will only need to click your button, or it can be configured not to press a button at all.

  1. How safe is it to use? It is completely safe to use, as long as nobody knows your login credentials and we do not store your login credentials.

  1. How do I get started with this? Please submit a ticket to requesting access to SSO.

  1. Are there any prerequisites? All you need is access to Edval Cloud and an Identity Provider.

  1. Is it easy to get started? There is a configuration guide to help through the setup process. To access the guide click here. It would be best to discuss this with your IT department to get this sorted.

  1. Which IdP is not supported at the moment? ADFS is not supported at the moment on version 1.

  1. What happens to webcodes? Webcodes can still be assigned to the staff and used to login.

  1. Will I need to update this when I rollover? Rolling over to the next year will not affect your SSO login.

  1. Why isn’t SSO working in the new year? You will first need to conduct your rollover and sync your timetable file to the Edval web server. The data for SSO is pulled from the data that is synced from your timetable file.

  2. Can I switch year as a student when using SSO to login? SSO allows for students to login and change the year they are looking at instead of using a webcode for each year.

  3. Can I use one IDP license with multiple Edval Daily school campus'? No this is not possible. You will need an additional IDP license for additional instance of Edval Daily.

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