Edval Daily: Date Mapping

Edval Daily: Date Mapping

The Edval cloud system must have the timetable cycle days mapped correctly for the program to operate, so it will know which ‘day’ to show for any date, e.g. is it MonA or MonB? Term time, holidays, weekends, rotatio start dates, the timetable cycle day and what day it corresponds to on the calendar must be configured before using the program.

Important: A sync from the etz timetable file must be done before date mapping can be completed. Note that the timetable does not have to be completed before syncing, but the file must have the correct grid structure configured.
In order to do complete the date mapping, go to Daily > Settings and navigate to the tab that says Date Mapping.

If you do not use Daily, the date mapping can be found under Setting > Settings
A completed date mapping appears below. Note that there are no 'unmapped' white dates in the calendar.

The calendar has several modes of operation, as defined by the radio button items. The entries are:

  1. Holiday: Click or drag to mark (or unmark) holidays
  2. Weekend: Click to select or deselect days as weekends
  3. MondayAs: Click to mark the first day of the timetable cycle (MondayA)
  4. Rotations: Click to mark rotation start dates
  5. Semester: Click to define the start date of the second semester 
  6. Swap Days: Click to create a day swap

As you work, holidays will be marked in PINK, the start-of-cycle days (MonA) will be marked in RED, weekend days will be marked in GREEN and the remaining days will be marked in BLUE.

Setting up the Calendar

  1. Holidays: Mark the holidays by selecting the 'Holiday' mode. Any dates selected via a mouse click or drag (paint) will be marked as a holiday and will turn pink. To undo a mistake, simply click or drag again, as the operation toggles back and forward.

  2. Monday As: Mark the start of the timetable cycle by selecting the 'MondayAs' mode and clicking on the first Monday of the school year. All subsequent Mondays till the end of the year will be automatically calculated. If any Mondays are incorrectly flagged as Monday A, select the correct Monday and Edval will update all subsequent Mondays to reflect the change.

  3. Weekends: This mode can be used to select or deselect days as weekends. Weekends are marked by default as Saturday and Sunday. If Saturday is a school day, select the 'Weekend' mode and then select the first Saturday of the school year. This will update all Saturdays to be school days.
  4. Rotation Start Dates: This is an optional mode and is  only used if a timetable includes rotations (for example, term or semester classes). It is used for marking dates when timetables change from one rotation to the next. To select a rotation start date, select the 'Rotation' mode and then click on the required date. This will place a dotted rectangle around that date, flagging it as the start of the next rotation. Note that the first day of the school year by default is the start of rotation 1 so there is no need to mark this date.  For further information on rotations, please refer to the Edval Timetables Knowledge Base articles
    For Edval 9: 
    Class data - Rotations and  
    How to: Manage year levels with different number of rotations
    Edval will display classes based on what rotation the desktop Edval timetable file is on. Please make sure your current rotation is set correctly. You can change your current rotation here (Edval10) and (Edval9)
    To assist with matching the number of rotations marked on the date mapping calendar with the number of rotations in the timetable file, the number of rotations required, as well as an indication of whether the correct number have been marked on the calendar, will be displayed.
    When the matching is correct, only the number of rotations will be displayed.

    When there are too few rotations marked, the additional rotations required will be displayed.

    When there are too many rotations marked, the number of rotations to be removed will be displayed.

  5. SemesterThis is used to define the start of the second semester when the selected accounting period is set to be Semester. To select a semester two start date, select the 'Semester' mode and then click on the required date. This will place a yellow dotted border around the selected date, flagging it as the start of the second semester. Note that the first day of the school year is the start of Semester One by default so there is no need to mark this date. If no semester two date is selected in date mapping, Edval Daily will presume that the second semester will start at the beginning of term 3, or after the second set of school holidays.

  6. Swap DaysThis is also an optional mode. It is used to change a calendar date to a different day of the timetable cycle. Schools may choose to change a cycle day to another, if days have been missed due to public holidays or school events. To make this change, select the 'Swap Days' mode and then select the day when the change is required. A dialogue box will open in which the new cycle day can be selected.           

         7.   Save: To save the changes made to the calendar, select 'Save'.

Note that the calendar cannot be saved if there are any un-mapped days (showing white) on the calendar.  If there are any unmapped days showing, select Monday A mode and click on the preceding Monday A to set the unmapped days as regular days.

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